The Office ~ Where All the Adventures Begin

I work in an eclectic setting.

Each of the interns is encouraged to bring mementos and knickknacks to personalize the desk. And when they leave, they leave at least one thing behind. As you can imagine, there is quite a menagerie now.

Today, some of the desk figurines decided to put on a short play entitled “Beware!”

Beware! An impromptu performance by the BK desk figurines

…while others looked on from on top of the filing cabinets.

The audience looks on.

The intern desk isn’t the only colorful part of the office. Jeevan’s walls are covered with his collection of masks and art from South East Asia, South America, Africa, and other places. He says it feels more like him than putting up some painting.



Sorry, East Bay…

…I’m having an affair with San Francisco.

I almost never came into the city before I started working at BK. Now I’m here at least twice a week–usually more if I accompany Jess to work, like today.


Drinking a Matcha Green Tea Latte made by Jess, reading online comics. New People Cafe, Japantown.

I really love Cinema Cafe. It’s in the New People building in Japantown, which is fronted by a three and a half story glass wall. The guy who owns it brought Pokemon to the US. I watch the weather and the people go by, study, cruise the internet (because it’s free!), sip on green tea or chai tea lattes, nibble at vegan baked goods, like Lemon Poppyseed Cookies from Fat Bottom Bakery, or the Chocolate Coconut Donut from Pepple’s Donuts below:


What can I say, a day at BK makes me hungry! This is a hot chocolate made with Tcho Chocolate and a vegan donut from Pepple's.

And when I get hungry, I can chow into some delicious Ume and Eggplant Onigilly:


Or if I’m still in the mood for sweets, I have a Cinnamon Toast (I don’t have a picture of it, sadly. It’s sooo good).

Well, I suppose I should go back to studying.

Tata for now!


More of Jess's latte art.

It’s Been a Good Friday

Sometimes time truly does go by much too fast, like last night, when I was trying to finish my editorial review on Peter Cohan’s manuscript. I looked a little something like this:

After I fell asleep reading, I decided to crash at 2:30. The previous night it had been 3:30 and 2:00 the night before. Ugh, late nights. I’m too old for this!

I woke up via alarm bright and early, slammed out the rest of the review, and took a deep breath. YEAH!

The rest of the day has steadily improved. My partner Jess and I brought our little dog Rocko into the BK office today, since it’s a Friday and practically no one is here because they all take it as their WAH day (Work At Home) or leave early. Jeevan wanted to meet him for a while, but our schedules just never matched up. Jeevan and Rocko hit it off at first sight.

EditorialHell: Was going to get work done in the office, but then @byrdiegrey brought her pup along and it went downhill from there...

Aren’t they adorable? Rocko didn’t bark or growl, just perked his ears up and stared (in Rocko speak that means he feels very comfortable with your energy–points for Jeevan!). I think all thought of really working flew right out of Jeevan’s head. I got a kick out of watching my boss feed Rocko biscuits and taking pictures in Photobooth.

@EditorialHell: Photobombed by @byrdiegrey's pup...again...

Surprisingly, I did get some work done. Reviewed some proposals, broke some authors hearts. I may have found one promising one, though the way the last one turned out, I’m not going to get my hopes up too high yet.

Now I’m heading off to enjoy the beautiful afternoon in Duboce Park.


Grammatical Linkage

Because I’m online all the time, I’ve stumbled across some awesome writing and word related resources (as well as cute cat pictures like this one).

My favorite online dictionary is because it compiles the entries from many different types of dictionaries, including ones with specialized language (ex: medical, technological, slang, archaic, foreign). If I need a synonym or antonym, I use its sister site,

For translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, I highly recommend It is one of my necessary resources. Like it gather answers to vocab and full paragraph translation from several different translation engines, so there is more of a variety to pick from and compare.

I’ve also discovered a handy tool to use with the time vortex known as Words with Friends on Facebook. Scrabblecheat was created to help Scrabble players when they get stuck. As you’re not really suppose to use a dictionary or help of any kind when playing the board game, this is most helpful only if you’re playing online. I’d neeeeever condone cheating in other circumstances, but since this has the potential of expanding vocabulary and problem solving, I think it’s okay. Right, right?

Some other awesome links that address common grammar errors and questions:

Is it focussed or focused?

What’s the difference between root/rout/route?

The insidious dangling modifier!

An Interesting New Word Heard in the Winter Launch Meeting

Neal used it in reference to the author Karen Phelan:

Business Slang . an expert in quantitative analysis.”
Pronounced: [kwahnt]

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