Grammatical Linkage

Because I’m online all the time, I’ve stumbled across some awesome writing and word related resources (as well as cute cat pictures like this one).

My favorite online dictionary is because it compiles the entries from many different types of dictionaries, including ones with specialized language (ex: medical, technological, slang, archaic, foreign). If I need a synonym or antonym, I use its sister site,

For translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, I highly recommend It is one of my necessary resources. Like it gather answers to vocab and full paragraph translation from several different translation engines, so there is more of a variety to pick from and compare.

I’ve also discovered a handy tool to use with the time vortex known as Words with Friends on Facebook. Scrabblecheat was created to help Scrabble players when they get stuck. As you’re not really suppose to use a dictionary or help of any kind when playing the board game, this is most helpful only if you’re playing online. I’d neeeeever condone cheating in other circumstances, but since this has the potential of expanding vocabulary and problem solving, I think it’s okay. Right, right?

Some other awesome links that address common grammar errors and questions:

Is it focussed or focused?

What’s the difference between root/rout/route?

The insidious dangling modifier!


An Interesting New Word Heard in the Winter Launch Meeting

Neal used it in reference to the author Karen Phelan:

Business Slang . an expert in quantitative analysis.”
Pronounced: [kwahnt]