The Office ~ Where All the Adventures Begin

I work in an eclectic setting.

Each of the interns is encouraged to bring mementos and knickknacks to personalize the desk. And when they leave, they leave at least one thing behind. As you can imagine, there is quite a menagerie now.

Today, some of the desk figurines decided to put on a short play entitled “Beware!”

Beware! An impromptu performance by the BK desk figurines

…while others looked on from on top of the filing cabinets.

The audience looks on.

The intern desk isn’t the only colorful part of the office. Jeevan’s walls are covered with his collection of masks and art from South East Asia, South America, Africa, and other places. He says it feels more like him than putting up some painting.

A devil puppet from Sri Lanka

Queen puppet from Indonesia

Wall of masks

Detail of mask from Indonesia

Detail of Burmese cat mask

This frog sits and stares out the glass at all the people who pass by the office.

Wooden frog from S. America (maybe Peru)

He also has a board with covered in pictures of every single one of his past interns.

Before Pinterest came along...

He says he is still in touch with each one. That makes me a little less depressed about the fact that my last day is less than a month.

Here’s a quick video I took of the whole office:


What else is an intern to do on a Friday? 🙂


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