A little known fact…

Editorial interns here actually are 60% (Jeevan’s statistic!) of the process for selection our successors. In other words, I was in charge of reading internship applications, contacting the applicants, arranging and conducting interviews (via Skype and phone), and finalizing the choice. I have received, and continue to receive, emails from intern hopefuls. Some sound quite qualified, and with others, it is obvious they didn’t spend much time researching BK or thinking about how they could be an asset to our company. Many just talk about their qualifications, and how much the internship will benefit them.

This is almost as stressful as turning down authors, because I was in these applicants’ anxious, desperate shoes just a few months ago. I know what it’s like to feel shy about “selling myself” and my skills. I was raised not to brag about my accomplishments and even downplay them, but that is detrimental when you are trying to get a job (or internship). I also had never written a cover letter before Winter Break; my letter to BK was my second. So I still consider myself new to all this. However, after reading so many cover letter/resume combos and discussing them with Jeevan, I think I’ve learned a few things.

Spend some time researched the company you are applying for, and make sure to align your skills with what they are looking for. Make the connections in your cover letter! Also, there are ways to say you will be an asset without sounding pompous and full of yourself. We’re looking for confidence.

Also, if I have to read another cover letter saying a version of “I’ve been in love with words and reading since practically before I was born” or “ever since I could read I’ve carried a book under my arm” (not exaggerating), I’m going to scream. Passion for literature, editing, words, writing, etc is very important to this job, but it does not go hand-in-hand with actual editing and writing skills. And there are so many creative, compelling ways to express passion without using the worn out trope of “ever since I was little.”

*end rant*

So, after this exciting process, I am pleased to announce the summer BK intern will be Jessica Osorio! She currently attends Pomona College, and in the past she was a tutor at 826 Valencia, the pirate shop/backroom writing workshop established by Dave Eggers (known for his first book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Simon & Schuster 2000). She is sharp, funny, and has a passion for writing and publishing backed up by experience. From my interactions with her, over Skype and during a brief lunch where she came into the office, I know I’ll be leaving my duties in good, and maybe even better, hands. I may only be here for a little over three months, but I already feel like this is my place, and I’ll admit I was a little hesitant about someone else coming in and “taking my place.” I don’t feel that hesitancy at all anymore with Jessica on board.




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  1. Cassie
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 02:44:21

    I need all the help I can get.


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