A thought or two (also known as an update)

A personal assessment of this blogging situation has made me realize it is time to change my system. Posting each week’s events in a nice summary is giving me the excuse to put off posting…not a good thing for a third-year college student (read: experienced, professional procrastinator). So now, I will publicly declare my intentions to post on all the things that excite and interest me, and not to post what is most likely a boring re-cap of everything I do. As I now have a larger audience, if there is anything in particular, you, dear readers, would like to hear from me, I’m more than willing to oblige. Just let me know! (That is a hint for lots and lots of comments, if you didn’t catch the subtext of the exclamation point).

It’s amazing to me how everyone at BK meets and balances multiple deadlines. For the editors, there are constant deadlines for input on potential projects, reviews, manuscripts in the process of becoming published, as well as constant communication with all the authors they are in charge of. My inbox fills up quickly with inter-department communications, and those are only the emails I see and the conversations I hear. I’m surprised that most authors seem to make their deadlines…before I came here I was under the impression that one of an editor’s biggest stresses was all the authors that never met deadlines. From what I’ve heard from Jeevan and Neil, that can be problem, but it’s not a huge one–at least not at Berrett-Koehler. Maybe we attract a different breed of author. Or maybe my bubble of optimism continues to blind me.

Speaking of optimism, last week I found myself speaking much more sarcastically about all the unsolicited manuscripts. Having to read so many so-so manuscripts that I have to reject by phone is making me jaded–either that, or Jeevan is rubbing off on me and I need to blow more bubbles of optimism around the room. One the many things I brought to personalize my desk in the office is a bottle of bubbles, and any time Jeevan starts to sound too pessimistic or jaded, I started blowing them around the office. It works so well! Jeevan stops complaining and I get a good laugh and shake off the jaded feelings.

But back to deadlines. At the moment I am balancing this internship, a full course load of upper-division classes, my college literary journal, and some sort of social life (does lounging around the house in PJs with the kitties and roomies count?). With all of these responsibilities, it’s been imperative to evaluate and reevaluate how I spend my time and how I go about accomplishing things, so that I can become more efficient. I am learning my limits and when to say I have enough on my plate, but also how much I can actually accomplish in small amounts of time when pushed. Deadlines are still little scary monsters to me. But I’m quite proud of everything I’ve done with BK so far, and excited to see how much further I grow. I know my confidence has already sky-rocketed since beginning this internship.


Tell me your thoughts!

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