Perks of an Unpaid Internship: A List

  • Free books. As many as I want. Limitation: Only books that the company I work for publishes (Aw man, no Hunger Games?)
  • (Occasional) free food/lunches. Why I love Author Days.
  • Quality coffee shops and eateries within blocks for those days I have to bring my own lunch, and decide to just buy one despite being on a poor college student’s budget.
  • Meeting the authors.
  • Finding out how well your favorite childhood books sell and where via Bookscan.
  • A pre-paid cell phone because they can’t get a second phone line in this office.
  • Being thanked by authors for rejecting their proposal by phone…every time.
  • Free pre-stamped envelopes from all the rejected proposals. I have no guilt.
  • Free office supplies!
  • Strolling in at 10 or 11am to begin my work day (Hey, I still do over 16 hours of work…there’s all that at home research and manuscript reviewing)
  • Dressing stylishly. I sometimes think the sound of heels on marble floors is the epitome of professional. This may just be me, though.
  • Doormen. Enough said.

    Ummm…there must more…let me get back to you on this.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ashlockcharlotte
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 13:07:27

    I’m a former intern of Jeevan’s…. glad to see you’re having fun! I miss Berrett Koehler :-(. One more perq: people are constantly sending Jeevan free junk, and he doesn’t want a lot of it so he gives it to you. I got a pirate scarf, a taco cookbook, and an “Aloha!” bumper sticker among other things. It’s crazy.


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